Alexandra Drenth • embroidery and textile collages


the power of poetic textiles

no hurry, time is on my side

Mild-mannered maidens, benevolent spirits of the animal realm,
their souls woven with the threads of stars
In their tresses, stories find a haven
Porcelain silence envelops their countenance,
where echoes of concealed thoughts persist
Deep in the blue, a language unspoken,
In the shadows of animal realms
The souls of red stags reflect in their gaze,
while all peacefully swims through locks and maiden's musings
Cranes rest in the airy cloud of their breath,
where the night's rendezvous reconciles with their lips
A wealth of animal splendor borne by gentle winds,
where dragons know freedom, and butterflies rest in silken hair,
and phoenixes, in free flight, mutually incense each other