Alexandra Drenth • embroidery and textile collages


the power of poetic textiles

no hurry, time is on my side

The Soft Warrior; Upon her shoulders, she bore a mystical stole woven with embroideries spun from the essence of courage and compassion. This enchanted garment seemed to shimmer with an ethereal glow, as if imbued with the wisdom of ages past.


In the face of looming darkness and uncertain tides, she found me, a weary traveler lost amidst the shadows of fate. With a gentle smile that held the promise of hope, she enveloped a shield against the chilling winds of the unknown. In her presence, I felt the strength to face the trials that lay ahead, knowing that she stood beside me as a steadfast companion on this journey of discovery.


In her company, I learned that true strength lay not in swords or shields, but in the capacity to see beyond the surface and embrace the vulnerabilities that make us human. Her noble spirit, like an eternal flame, ignited my own courage to face what was to come with resilience and grace.

soft warrior


Emotions and feelings are concealed within the complexity of my textile works, revealed through embroidery motifs. The subtle nuances in my designs hold meaning and breathe life into the artwork. I like to speak of imbuing materials that have been discarded or unseen for years with a sense of vitality and bringing them to life. Through their pliability in use, they are willing and tangible to mold and rearrange, thus collectively devising a plan to embark on a new life.

'Slow art' offers tranquility and space to contemplate what truly matters. It provides me with a deeper understanding of the concept of 'time.' By dedicating time to constructing and becoming closely connected with my work, I find each stitch a personal challenge. Embroidery gives me a sense of liberation, which is always worthwhile. I can incorporate all of my emotions into the subjects of my embroidery, including sadness, pain, and joy. This personal aspect breathes life into my pieces.


new gold dream

selene's passion

female totem

vergeet de mooie dagen niet

mantel der liefde